An adventure of my life time!

I don’t know who said it nor where I read it from, but I do remember and agree with the concept – over prepare and then go with the flow. Especially for a long trip like the one I am going to take in a few days, one must prepare as much as possible. So I have got a bottle of bear spray, a tank for spare gas, several different types of insect repellents (some on me and others on my clothes), a couple of sunburn lotions, a first aid kit, all the camping equipments including two sleeping bags, two flashlights, GPS, AAA membership … and probably a set of snow chain even though it’ll be summer soon! I know, though, no matter how well I prepare for this, things are going to happen. Then, the second part of the saying comes in handy and vital – go with the flow!

This “philosophy” works well in other parts of life as well. All we can do in life is try our best – prepare for it, learn as much information about it as possible, do our best, and then, go with the flow. Life has such an ability to surprise us, unexpectedly, in a painful way or in a pleasant way. Of course by preparing it well, we hope it will go smoothly toward the pleasant way, but no one can prepare to a point that everything should turn out exactly as we hope for. When things happen in life, take it easy, accept it, go with it, and try to see the bright side of it! Time after time, good things happen even after a bad situation. And in most of those cases, our attitude made a big difference – not concentrating only on the bad part of the event, but trying to see the positive side of it. At least, later on in life, that we will have a story to tell – have you noticed that most stories we tell are situations where we indeed were in some kind of trouble?

Well, this is supposed to be a “travel” blog, yet, I can’t help but write something about “philosophy”. It is important to have healthy philosophy no matter what we do. So, here I am, not only sharing with you, but more importantly encouraging myself to keep such healthy , positive philosophy, while I travel in particular and as I go through life in general.

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