An adventure of my life time!

Today is the day – my very first step of the long journey! I didn’t sleep well last night, too excited and a little nervous. A friend of mine asked whether I like driving and my negative answer seemed to shock her. “You don’t like driving? And you are taking this long trip?”

I never really liked driving that much. In fact, growing up in China, I had only sat in a car once, for a 10 minutes drive, in my first twenty two years of life. Twenty-thirty years ago, no one had a car in China. We all used public transportation.

During the first five year I was in this country, I was too afraid to learn to drive! Actually, I did learn, but a small incident of setting off someone’s alarm scared me off so I backed down from learning until much later. People met me today wouldn’t believe how fearful I was. Even my parents had hard time believe how much I changed, especially when I told them that I was going to learn to fly. Just imagine someone so afraid of driving was going to learn to fly! Well, I did it – got my pilot license after a year or so of learning.

Nowadays, driving isn’t scary to me anymore, of course. Yet, I still don’t enjoy driving too much. To me, it is just a tool which enables me to go places and see things. Again, in a perfect world, I would rather sit in the passenger seat and let someone else worry about the driving. Since it is not a perfect world as we talked about it before, I am very grateful and pleased to be able to drive. Without it, I won’t be able to go too far nor to see too much! Certainly I wouldn’t be able to take this long dream journey.

Day one (4/16/13) has passed by smoothly. I am in TN right now for the night, left NC behind. More than five hundred miles are gone, but five thousands more have yet to come. 🙂

The first step is the most important one, right? At least I am moving, to the right direction, towards my goal!

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Comments on: "6. The First Step of a “Long March”" (4)

  1. I don’t like to drive either. The trip ahead of me for a month in DC is just a drop in he bucket compared to your journey, but I am not looking forward to the drive anyway. Still, the great reward of arriving at the destination is a joy! I’ll be keeping up with you as you travel, Ching.

  2. I don’t like driving either. My muscles get stiff and my head buzzes. But I did it to see some of what you are seeing. This is a trip of a lifetime. I wish I were with you. But then you wouldn’t have the joy of experiencing alone.

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