An adventure of my life time!

8. Rain, Rain, Go Away


I woke up in the middle of the night by loud noises. It was pouring! The terrifying thunder, bright lightening and heavy downpour kept me from falling asleep again. I lay on bed, worrying about how long would it take me to drive to my next destination in such furious rain. As I said in post #6, I don’t even like driving in normal situation, certainly hate to drive in pouring rain. I learned later on from the news that the thunderstorm caused much more serious problems than my driving – there were power outage and flood in the area.

Since I couldn’t fall asleep any more, I got up and left the motel around 6, preparing to use more time to drive. As I was driving along in the pouring rain and the darkness, I kept on repeating the song “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. All the children want to play. Rain and rain, go away!”

Well, whoever controls the weather heard my song and prayer. Several hours later, it stopped raining! At that time, the sky was still covered with thick and dark clouds. I asked, “greedily”, again, for a bright sunny afternoon since I was planning to visit Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas later on.

Unbelievably, my prayer was answered once again – the sky clearly up in the afternoon, just in time for my visit of the park!

Palo Duro Canyon State Park is called the “Grand Canyon of Texas”. It is the second largest park in TX and the second largest canyon in the United States. The canyon (129 miles long, 20 miles wide and 800 feet in depth) was formed about one million years ago by water erosion. The multicolored rocks in the canyon make the place special and spectacular.

I am a huge fan of red rocks. For whatever reason, the intense red color of the rocks always excites me, and makes me hyper and happy. 🙂 When I learned that there is a 6-miles (round trip) trail leading to the Lighthouse, a red rock formation which has been designated as a National Natural Landmark, I didn’t hesitate to take the hike.

“Are you a good hiker?” An old gentleman in the Visitor Center asked concernedly. I smiled and nodded slightly. “I think I am a good hiker”, I answered silently and I was pleased of myself for being able to say so. 🙂 Actually the trail is pretty easy except the last climb. I was on my fours when I climbed up and down. I had to be very careful since there was hardly anyone on the trail (only saw 3 guys). Perhaps it was too cold for most people (still 35F around noon, which is a huge drop from yesterday’s 85F). The reward, without a doubt, is superb.

So, in 3 days, I had more than 1500 miles, 2 State Parks and 5 States (NC, TN, AK, OK and TX) all “under my belt”. 🙂




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Comments on: "8. Rain, Rain, Go Away" (6)

  1. Xiaoying said:

    Beautiful rocks! Just like Capital reef NP

  2. Bertie Boston said:

    Oh Ching! I am so happy that your trip is off to a great start. You have really done a lot and driven a lot of miles already. You are simply amazing!! May your journey continue to be wonderful in every way and free of complications. Hugs, Bertie

  3. I love red rocks–Sedona and Capital Reef.

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