An adventure of my life time!


I am in Colorado right now and will stay here for a few days (4/20/13). Since I have been driving a lot in the past few days, I was going to take it easy and just to hike around the area. Well, when I went to the Activity Center where I was told to ask for maps at 7 in the morning, the man simply said he was not allowed to give me any map or information (there are still snows on some of the trails that he wasn’t sure the condition)! I was instructed to go to the Visitor Center in town, which wasn’t going to open until 10am. I was already up since 4:30am (finished writing my last blog) and waited for the place to get the map. There was no way for me to wait another 3 hours just to get the info. So I decided to drive along a scenic byway first before I go back to ask for the info.

I never got a chance to go back to ask for the info. Once I started driving, I realized that the scenery is so beautiful along the byway (San Juan National Forest and Rio Grande National Forest) and I was able to stop for short walks along the road. The snow capped mountains on both side of the byway looked so beautiful in the morning sunlight, especially with the perfect blue sky. Although the temperature was below freezing and cold, under the sunlight, it was manageable. I was happy, driving, stopping, walking and taking pictures under the brilliant sun light.

Several hours later, though, the clouds moved in. I drove even further, hoping for the sun to come back so I can take more pictures. It did not come back until much later in the afternoon. In fact, it started drizzle, then rain. Looking at the dark cloudy sky, I decided to go back (already driven about 70 miles one way). I doubted the sky was going to open up again for the day.

For several hours I was right. In a matter of fact, it started to snow, really heavy at times! It wasn’t easy driving on the narrow, windy road with lots of ups and downs. It took me a long time to get back in town. Strangely, by the time I got back, the sky opened up and the sun shined brightly again! No wonder local people say you can’t predict the weather. It changes so dramatically in just a few hours.

Well, since the sun decided to shine on me again, I had to take its gracious offer – I hiked a short but steep trail around the town. As I reached the top of the trail at an overlook, I met a young beautiful woman sitting there enjoying the view. We started talking, about the scenery, travel, dancing, and exchanged info around the area. It is always wonderful to meet and to talk to like-minded people, especially during a long solitary journey.

So, it was a day of crazy weather, but a day meeting a warm person.  🙂




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  1. Your travels remind me so much of what I did in 1979, mostly on my own. These are experiences you will never forget. I’m so happy for you, Ching.

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