An adventure of my life time!


I am on my way, again. It didn’t take me long – only 12 hours to leave Colorado and Utah behind. 🙂 I am now in south east of Idaho and will be here for another week before continuing my journey.

The hardest part of today’s drive is passing Moab in UT. Not because of any traffic, but because it is one of my favorite places on earth! Seeing all the red rocks without being able to stop much is very painful to me. Luckily I have been there before, several times. Yet, I still had to stop, briefly, for a short walk and to take a couple of pictures. I had to skip my lunch break in order to make up the time (did eat something simple and easy while I was driving).

A “Book on CD” given by a dear friend, Bertie, kept me engaged so the long drive wasn’t too boring or tiring. Thank you, Bertie, for making my trip easier! I have been saving the book for this long drive.

Now, I am 600 miles closer to Alaska. 🙂

Well, I am a little tired right now so this is for today – short and sweet. 🙂




PS. my photo website:


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