An adventure of my life time!


I have to admit that I had trouble posting the blog yesterday. I have been so eager to write my blog for the past week or so. There were always some kinds of stories or extraordinary places to share. But yesterday (probably for the next week while I am staying in southeast Idaho), the scenery was too ordinary.

Don’t get me wrong. The area is still pretty, but nothing as extraordinary as I have seen. I am just not too excited, and probably won’t be energized until I am much further north. So bear with me. Let’s just enjoy what we have – the ordinary beauty, for a week or so (don’t be surprise, if you don’t hear from me for a few days). 🙂

Red Rock Pass is a “Geological Significant Site”. It is a low mountain pass as the spillway of ancient Lake Bonneville. When I saw the pictures online, I was very interested in going there. As I said before, I love rocks and rock formations. But the place isn’t as interesting as I hoped for. There are colorful rocks, but you can only view them from some distance since there are fences/wires around the area (it looks like private land). I managed to take some pictures, but I wasn’t too happy that I couldn’t get close to the rocks, some of which looked pretty interesting.



Bear Lake State Park is a large scenic lake in southeast Idaho. It has been called “Caribbean of the Rockies” for its intense turquoise blue water. The color is really very pretty! For some part, I think it is more like green than blue. Since it is not season yet, it is very quite with only few people fishing or walking along the beach. I did enjoy the quietness, but I wish I could take better pictures (I was on the wrong side of the lake where I was facing the sunlight).



Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located near Bear lake State Park. The large refuge (19000 acre) is comprised mainly of a bulrush marsh, open water, and flooded meadows of sedges, rushes and grasses. There are lots of birds! If you love bird watching, it is the place to go. I was only able to a couple of pictures, though. The birds were never allowed me to get to close to take good pictures. There are hiding huts set up in the area. I guess, if you are a true bird lover or a true bird photographer, you would hide in the hut to catch a better glimpse or shot of the birds.



Lastly, if you love hot springs, southeast Idaho is a great place for you! Soda Springs and Lava Hot Springs are the places to be.

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