An adventure of my life time!

Wow! What a day I had, totally unexpected and unplanned.

If you read my last blog, you know I sounded a little bored by the ordinary scenery in the area. After I posted the blog in the morning, I decided to take a walk in the small town, hoping the Visitor Center was open so I could get some information about the area.

The sky was covered by dark, gray clouds so I didn’t even bother to bring my camera in case it was going to rain. The little town was so quiet on this Sunday morning. Other than a couple ladies walking their dogs, no one was on the streets. Of course the Visitor Center wasn’t open. I strolled in town, aimlessly, wondering what people do in this tiny place.

Then I saw a community center with a number of cars parked in front of it. Well, this might be a place to get some information about the area, I thought. So I walked in and asked the lady happened to be close to the table by the door.

“I don’t know much about the area” the lady said apologetically. “I am from Idaho Falls. We are here to dance.”

“Dance? What kind?” I asked curiously.

“Dances of Universal Peace.”

Believe or not, I used to dance a lot, all kinds, but I have never heard about “Dances of Universal Peace”.

“We dance in a circle and use music from different parts of the world or religions. It is spiritual.” Seeing the curiosity and puzzlement on my face, she continued, warmly “you are welcome to join us.”

So I stayed, even without any proper dancing outfit – I was wearing hiking shoes and pants.

My goodness! It was a lot of fun! Like the lady said, we danced in a circle, sometimes on our own, but most of the time joined hands or arms. The music are from different parts of the world; all of them are very soothing but at the same time with good danceable rhyme. It was very warm and spiritual. The people there were very kind and friendly. I felt very welcomed and fitted right in there.

Most of my hiking friends only know that I am crazy about hiking and travel. Little do you know that I was crazy about dancing as well, before I started hiking. My email might give you some clue: dancefairy. I was, or at least I felt, like a dance fairy before! 🙂

I have danced at least once or twice a week for three years, sometime even more. Several times a year, I have attended the “dance weekend” where we danced from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, with very little time to sleep or eating, at least for me. 🙂 I had so much fun and have met so many great dancers all over the country! In fact, I even went to New Zealand with a group of contra dancers I didn’t know beforehand and had a marvelous time traveling and dancing with them!

Today’s experience brought back so much fun and joyous memories of dancing to me. I am so glad I walked inside the Community Center and I am so grateful that the lady encouraged me to stay.

Not only I had a wonderful time dancing, I have also met a number of interesting people from different parts of the country. The musician/dance leader/organizer is from central east of Idaho. She said to her husband, after I helped out cleaning up the place for a couple of hours after dancing, that she was going to “adopt” me. The funny part is: I don’t think she is too much older than I am!  🙂 Another lady from Montana is going to Alaska for a seasonal job, just like me! This is her 4th year doing so. We talked about meeting up in Alaska!

Well, today is a day of fun dancing and meeting people. And a day to be a dance fairy, once again. 🙂

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Comments on: "18. Being A Dance Fairy, Once Again!" (16)

  1. Ching, how spiritually wonderful. I am a Sufi. The Ruhaniat Sufi Order started the Dances of Universal Peace. One of my dearest friends is a dance leader in the triangle area of NC. You are indeed blessed and well guided by your etheric spirits. What an amazing experience, to find the dances in a sleepy small town. Alhamdulillah! Which means Praise be to God. Since I don’t use the word God, to me it means Thank you, Universe!

  2. Sufi meeting do not always happen by chance. Magneticism has a lot to do with it. You are of like spirit.

  3. Bertie Boston said:

    Oh Ching, how wonderful for you to have happened upon this. I knew my friend, Sharon, would comment since she told me about the Universal Dance for Peace. I am happy you were able to experience it, as I have not yet! Much love to my Dance Fairy Friend, Bertie

    • You should try it one day. It is a lot of fun. I am pretty sure you will enjoy it. Did you read post #16? It is your “Book On CD” which kept me driving without feeling bored or tired. It was a long drive. Thank you, Bertie!

  4. HI, Qing, Great to read about your travel. I am enjoying your trip vicariously.

    Have fun and be safe.

    Li Yan

  5. Jindi Ma said:

    So very happy to read your updates, loved it! Wish I was there to see what you see and experience what you experience.  What you did is a real travel should be! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!   Jindi

    >________________________________ > From: Solo Travel to Alaska >To: >Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2013 6:50 PM >Subject: [New post] 18. Being A Dance Fairy, Once Again! > > > > >traveling-girl-in-china posted: “Wow! What a day I had, totally unexpected and unplanned. If you read my last blog, you know I sounded a little bored by the ordinary scenery in the area. After I posted the blog in the morning, I decided to take a walk in the small town, hoping the Vis” >

  6. I don’t know about the “etheric spirits” thing but your openness to people and situations is admirable. You really found a great event in that small town. I’m sure the dancing was just what you needed to dispel the gray clouds and rainy weather from your day.

  7. Xiaoying said:

    What a great experience in a small town!

  8. Qiaohong Zhang said:

    I really enjoy enjoy your travel log. Spontaneous happy time is the best. Joy of life is found in unexpected places.

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