An adventure of my life time!


(Canada Geese)

One of the maps I obtained from the Visitor Center is for bird watching in Southeast Idaho. So I decided to be a “bird watcher” for the day.

There are a lot of lakes, reservoirs and rivers in the area. Just today, I went to Blackfoot Reservoir, Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Palisades Reservoir, Salt River, and Alexander Reservoir. As I was told, Southeast Idaho is a heaven for birds!

Even there are so many birds, it is not easy to “catch” them in my camera. Instead of being a “bird watcher”, I felt like I was a “bird chaser”! None of the birds allowed me to get close enough for a good shot. I was simply “chased” them away wherever I went. Oh well, at least I got some shots, some of those I know the name, but others I don’t.

A good “bird watcher” isn’t that easy to be. 🙂




(Sandhill Cranes)


(Yellow-headed Blackbird)






(Update: It is Long-Billed Curlew – Thanks Carolinajessamine for telling me the name!)


(Update: It is Kildeer – Thanks Carolinajessamine for telling me the name!)

PS. my photo website:


Comments on: "20. “Bird Chasing”" (8)

  1. Hahaha…I’m picturing you trying to take pictures while “chasing” the birds. The birds probably tried to tell you, “Easy, lady! I’m not ready to pose a picture yet….”

  2. Ching, Your photographs are beautiful! Jane

  3. I think the first unknown bird might be a long-billed curlew, the second one a kildeer.

    Here’s a link to Cornell’s great bird identification website:

  4. Qiaohong Zhang said:

    I really like the last picture posted. Whatever you did makes it seems like an oil painting by an impressionist artist.

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