An adventure of my life time!


Ok, you know I am exaggerating. The summit of Bonneville Peak, the highest peak in Pebble Creek Ski Area, is only 9271 feet above sea level. But when I hiked in Pebble Creek Ski Area, short of breath, I felt like I was on top of the world.

The ski season is over, so the area is deserted and empty. I hiked along a ski path. The view was wide open. I could see clearly the valley below, and the same time, the snow-capped mountain ranges in the distance. Since no one was around, I was not only “on top of the world”, but also felt like the “king” of this great world. 🙂

Too bad – even the “king” has limited power. A couple of hours later, I had to turn back. The snow on the path was getting thicker and the temperature was getting lower.

It was a day with mix of clouds and sun. When the sun shined brightly, it felt like a “cold winter”; but when the clouds covered the sun and the wind started blowing, all of the sudden, it felt like a “freezing blizzard”. I believe the wind blows stronger and cooler on top of the mountain.

I usually warm up after hike for a little while, but not today. I never really warmed up as the sun was covered by the clouds from time to time. So, when I felt really chilly, I had to turn back and leave this top of the world kingdom to braver and stronger ones, such as a couple of soaring birds.




(This photo was taken  from Mink Creek Recreation Area I went to in the afternoon)

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Comments on: "21. On Top of the World, at least for Awhile" (4)

  1. Brown, Pamala M said:

    Just beautiful!

  2. Bertie Boston said:

    Just reading your posts makes me wish more than ever that I was with you on this journey! What a fabulous trip you have had thus far 🙂 Your wishful friend, Bertie

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