An adventure of my life time!

26. Lake after Lake


The theme is lake for today and probably for the next three days as well. There are so many lakes around the area.
The first lake I went to in the morning is Spirit Lake. Legend has it that an Indian chief’s  daughter and her beloved boy jumped into the lake when she was forced to marry another boy she didn’t  love. The lake is supposed to reflect their spirit. Nowadays, though, the lake is surrounded by all kinds of houses that I could hardly feel its spirit.
Pend Oreille Lake is the second largest lake in Idaho. The only part I went to today is the southern tip – Bayview.
When I got to Bayview, as usual, the first thing I did was to look for the Visit Center. A group of 6 or 7 ladies stood by the side of the road, conveniently for me to ask for direction.  “There is no Visitor Center in town.” Seeing the disappointment on my face, they asked again:  “What would you like to know from them?”

“Well, I just want to get some information about hiking trails around the area.”

“Come hike with us, then!” It turned out, unexpectedly, they are a group of local hikes who walks and hikes everyday! Am I lucky or what?
So, of course, I hiked with the group of lades. Surprisingly, none of them are true locals. They came all over the country!  “What brought you here?” I was curious. Bayview is a tiny little town.  e came here for summer vacations before and fell in love with the place. It is a beautiful place, by a large lake and surrounded by hills. Yet, there are so many beautiful places, even within a couple of hours driving distance. Why here? I still don’t  quite understand. Perhaps, one of the reasons is the weather here, even though it is up north, is not too cold in the winter, thanks to the lake.
About an hour later, the ladies pointed anther trail along the lake to me before we parted our way.  “You might even catch up with the other hiking group.” It happened, at the time we started hiking, there was another group of people hiking a different path. “I believe they are on this trail.” One lady from originally New York told me.
And she was right. An hour later, I caught up with the other hiking group  the Monday hiking group which only hikes on Mondays. As the first group, most people in this group are also from other parts of the country. How strange!
The trail turned out to be much longer than I expected. By the time we reached the end, it was almost 11:30, which wouldn’t  be only problem if I brought my lunch with me. Seeing the first group without taking anything with them, I only brought water bottle and the camera with me. And I didn’t  think about it before I started taking the second trail. So, even though I would love to stay with the hikers, I had to say goodbye and hiked back first. Boy, I was hungry by the time I hiked back to my car. Packed lunch of fruits, a croissant and an egg tasted so great.
I kept on driving to my next target  Hayden Lake. It turned out that the lake is popular for summer swimming and sporty type of recreation. Even today, there were quite a number of people there, sun tanning on the beach. BTW, it was 81F today and it will be 84F tomorrow! The temperature for the whole week I am here is around 80F, much better than the cold weather I have had for the past 3 weeks.
By late afternoon, on my way back, as if I didn’t  have enough of lakes, I just had to stop by another lake, or two  Twin Lakes. It reminded me my neighbor who has three boys and decided to try again for a girl. You guess it right  they got a twin  two more boys!
Well, at least I don  have to worry about that. The Twin Lakes turned out to be so well developed that I don  even bother to take any picture. Frankly speaking, by that time, I was  “Laked-out” 🙂
So, 5 lakes in a day. What I enjoyed most is still the hike with the other hikers.


(Spirit Lake)


(Pend Oreille Lake, from Bayview)


(Pend Oreille Lake, from Bayview)


(Pend Oreille Lake, from Bayview)


(Hayden Lake)

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  1. Alison Zhang said:

    I bet you were exhausted by the time you got to your car! I can’t believe you saw five lakes in one day! 🙂

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