An adventure of my life time!


OK, the neighbor I am talking about here is Washington State. 🙂
Since I am staying in northwest Idaho, I decided to venture further west to the neighboring state – Washington.
One of the top 10 Scenic Drives in the Northern Rockies is International Selkirk Loop which is 280 miles long and runs across two states in the US (Idaho and Washington) and British Columbia in Canada. Of course, to drive the whole loop and to make all the stops along the way is too much for one day. So my focus yesterday (5/8/13) was the part of the Scenic Byway in Washington State starting from Newport and ends the Canadian border. Along the way, I also make three side trips – Sullivan Lake, Boundary Dam and Calispell Lake.
The Byway is indeed very pretty. It meanders along the Pend Oreille River, with relative flat landscape in the southern part to the snow-capped mountain ranges in the northern part.
I love the north half of the drive, which is also called as North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway. This remote northeast corner of Washington is so clean, so peaceful and so serene!
Yes, “Serene” is the word I kept on saying to myself when I stopped at Sullivan Lake. The water was so calm that the reflection of the nearby mountains looked like a mirror image of the real mountains. No one was there; no car was driving by. Except occasional bird chirping, the only sound was water running in the streams or a waterfall!
I drove along the west side of the lake, slowly, with my windows rolled down and radio turned off. The fresh air and the tranquility of the area lifted my spirit. My heart was singing, like a bird, again.
However, the beautiful scenery didn’t  make me walking too much or too far. Oh believe me, I wanted to walk. I would love to hike the trail along the lake. But I didn’t  do it. At least not for too long. My legs have been stiff and sore for the past day or two. I didn’t  think I have been hiking too much, but I can tell that I am getting thinner than three weeks ago so perhaps I did hike or walk a lot lately.
A blister on my left foot added additional pain. Even for a short distance, I was a little bit limping. Hiking a long distance was out of my reach, no matter how much I wanted to. Short distance was all I could handle. Luckily, driving took a lot of time today and I was able to take short walks to get the pictures I wanted to take.
Perhaps, I was meant to stay in the car more than outside of the car today – I did see a bear! It was a cute little black bear standing by the side of the road. Before I could reach my camera, it fled into the woods. It looked so adorable and so cuddly! Oh, don’t  worry. I won’t  reach out to it, no matter how lovely it seemed. I did wait a few minutes, in my car, hoping it would come back. I was so much “braver” when I had my car to protect me.


(Sullivan Lake)


(Sullivan Lake)





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