An adventure of my life time!

29. Goodbye USA


I am leaving the United States and entering Canada tomorrow. It looks like, I know, that Canada is part of the US.   Legally, it is a different country. For one thing, you can  bring fruits into the country. I learned it before, luckily not in a hard way, just with a not-so-friendly warning.
Don’t  get me wrong. Canada is a beautiful country and people there are very friendly. That is why I am daring to travel there all by myself. There are only a handful of countries I would travel on my own. I am very much looking forward to the incredible natural beauty in Canada. Hopefully, it won’t  be too cold to stand, in this time of year.
It will take me about two weeks to reach Alaska. The route is pre-planned and the accommodations are booked. I will stay, mostly at motels and hostels, one night at a time, except a couple of places where I will stay a little longer.
I don  know when and where I will get internet service again. Not all motels or hostels have wifi. But don’t “Give up” on me.   I promise I will write again, as soon as I can and as much as possible.
Goodbye USA, I will see you in two weeks! 🙂

PS. Just want to share a few pictures I took today right on the porch of my resort room  a mother Robin feeding her babies.


(The mother Robin)


(The hungry babies)


(Coming with the food)


(Feeding time)


(May I have more, mommy?)


Comments on: "29. Goodbye USA" (2)

  1. lping2013 said:

    Nice pictures and thank you for sharing! I have been reading your travel blog and love it!!!
    All the best wishes to you! Have a wonderful trip!

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