An adventure of my life time!


Mount Robson Provincial Park, in my opinion, is a five star park. Its beauty can be compared to the nearby National Parks (Jasper, Banff, Yoho, and Kooteney NP). In fact, at 3954 meters, Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, towering over the surrounding peaks. The mountain’s magnificence here inspired early explorers and left visitors today in awe.

I have been to many provincial parks and state parks, both here in Canada and in the US. Many of them are great, but only a couple of them I would label them, again in my opinion, as five star. Garibaldi Provincial Park near Whistler, also in BC Canada has similar scenery and beauty as Mount Robson. I love the towering snow-capped mountains and blue glacial lakes there. The other “five star” state park jumped to my mind immediately is Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. The rocks there are so strikingly colorful; they seem like a place one created for science fiction movies. Indeed, several scifi movies were filmed there (check my photo website for pictures).

Actually, it wasn’t even a good day for visiting Mount Robson. Sixty percent chance of rain became more than 60% of time of rain. I drove from west end of the park to the east, and then back, making lots of stops along the way.

By 2pm, after stopped and hiked all the short hikes along the main route, I decided to hike part of the “Berg Lake Trail” (the full length is 23 km!) to Kinney Lake. It is a pleasant hike about 3 miles one way, along the raging, rushing Robson River.

About 2 miles into the hike, the cloudy sky became even darker and soon it started to rain. So what should I do? Keep going? Or turning back? It is a shame to turn back at that point. And I did bring rain jacket and an umbrella with me (with an umbrella, if it wasn’t pouring, I was still able to take some pictures under it). But surely I wasn’t able to take any good pictures without sun light.

As I walked slowly, hesitant about which direction to go, 3 mountain bikers zoomed by. I was so surprised to see them since there was only one other car in the parking lot and I have already passed a couple walking back a while ago. Although the mountain bikers were also going back, somehow, for unknown reason, their presence energized me and made me keep going. I guess it was probably the idea that there might be other bikers along the trail “comforted” me. Hiking alone in a bear country bothers me a lot, yet I still keep on going. What is the alternative?

The scenery at Kinney Lake made everything worthwhile. I wish the sun was shining so that I could take a few good pictures to share with you. But not all wishes will come true, and I am not complaining. I know I am lucky enough to be there, to witness the pristine blue lake with stone-faced, towering mountains peaks all around it.

Really, it is so hard to adequately describe the beauty. And no picture can truly capture the splendor of the area. All I can do here is to tell you a little bit what I have done. In this way, perhaps, one day you will be curious enough to check it out on your own. For one thing, you just have to be here in off season, all alone, in order to feel the concern and fear I have about bear encounter. I am sure in the summer it won’t be any problem since there will be so many people on the trail. I can tell from the size of the parking lot.

As I walked along the lake and marveled the beauty of the area, I was startled by some mechanical noises coming from the woods. “What the …?” Then quickly I realized that it must come from the rangers clearing up the trail. I followed the noises and indeed found two rangers, one man and one girl, using the chainsaw.

“Thank you!” I said hello to them and thanked them earnestly. “Thanks for keeping the trail so nicely. It must be hard to hike in all the way and take all the equipment with you.”

“It is our job.” The man said, matter-of-factly.

“It is fun.” The girl answered with more enthusiasm. “I love it!”

“And we get paid for.” The man added with a bright smile, as if he didn’t think I knew what a job meant. 🙂

How many people can say that to their jobs? Wouldn’t it be so wonderful that we could all have a job that is fun, that we love to do, that we get paid for? Good for them!

Meeting the rangers made me appreciate the park even more! It is because of them and the countless people who discovered the area, established it as a park, and built the roads/trails so we can enjoy it today!

The return trip was uneventful. I guess the thought of a big, juicy hamburger kept me moving fast. I could almost see myself “swallow” the hamburger, in a “non-ladylike manner”, as my father used to tease me.  🙂

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Comments on: "32. Five Star Provincial Park" (4)

  1. Indeed, this park is BEAUTIFUL! And the two rangers (and their spirit) made this even more so. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience, both this time and many more in the past and in the future!

    • They certainly made me appreciate the park even more. It is not easy to build and keep a place like this. It is a lot of work! We are so lucky to be able to enjoy it, all because of them.

  2. Xiaoying said:

    Even in a not very clear day!

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