An adventure of my life time!


This stretch of Canada is relative boring compared to what I have been to so far. So I am not going to talk much about it other than post a few pictures (and because I am tired).

I did see another Black Bear again today, making total of 5 bears so far. By the time I finish the trip, I don’t have to count sheep to go to sleep, instead, I can count bears. 🙂

PS. The temperature here is 40F-65F, much better than I expected. :)The gas price is above $5.5, higher than I expected. 😦






(Update: It is a Steller’s Jay. Thanks for carolinajessamine for letting me know!)



Comments on: "34. Prince George to Dawson Creek" (6)

  1. Yes, it’s a jay-a Stellar’s Jay. Related to but different from the blue jays we have on the east coast.

    I love the top picture!

    I envy you, having seen five bears. I hope you get to where you enjoy having the chance to see them rather than dreading them.

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. It’s nice to travel vicariously with you.

    • When the scenery isn’t that exciting, you make it more exciting, by jumping up high. 🙂
      You are a bird-expert! Thanks for all the info. It is great to know the right name!

  2. Qing, I am enjoying your travel blog. I’m glad that you are my friend. Everyone needs at least one friend who is an adventurer!

    • Kurt, I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog! I am honored to have a friend like you who helped me patiently when I most needed help! For that, I will always be grateful! Keep reading. There should be more adventure coming. 🙂

  3. Alison Zhang said:

    You’re in CANADA?!?! No fair!

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