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36. True Color


The words I would use to describe the scenery I have seen so far on Alaska Highway are rough, tough, rugged, strong, powerful, cold… Not only the mountains are rocky and jagged, the dominant color of the environment is relative dark and not so cheerful.

The relative darkened landscape reminded me the oil paintings my mom brought back from Russia long time ago when she studied in a college there. I loved the oil paintings. They were the earliest artistic influence I had when I was young.

I loved, not only the landscapes in the oil paintings, but also the kind of color –gray, green, blue – mostly cold colors. Interestingly, my personality at the time seemed to match the color I liked. I was shy, reserved, quiet and repressed.

My mom laughed at me that even the Christmas cards I sent back were mostly cool color of green and blue. “This is for a holiday, you know. Shouldn’t you buy something more cheerful?” My mom asked me, perplexed. “But I like it!” Yeah, I love the cool color!

Strangely, though, I don’t like the cold color any more once my personality changed. I am a much warmer person – outgoing, friendly, and passionate. Nowadays, I love warm colors. Strikingly bright red is my new favorite. My last car is in such adorable red color, but I didn’t buy another one like that since I got two tickets when I drove the “little red”. I guess the rumor perhaps is correct that red cars get more tickets than other color cars.

Is there really a correlation between personality and the color you like? What is your favorite color? Do you see any correlation there?

In my case the choice of color seems to fit my personality pretty well, with one exception. I wasn’t tough or strong when I was young, if the cooler colors embody this type of quality as the landscapes here represent.


(Smoke coming from wildfire)





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  1. Hi Ching, I’m continuing to enjoy all your posts, remembering my similar trip of decades ago. You have an adventurous spirit! Regarding the ‘cold’ colors: remember, it’s only May and you are heading north!! Give it some time; there will be abundant color as the months progress. Be safe and take care of yourself. Best-Leslie

    • Thanks for letting me know that you enjoy reading my blog, Leslie! You are right about this is too early in the season to see beautiful color. Hopefully, when summer is here, I will be able to capture the pretty color up north. 🙂

  2. Yours is the bestest daily blog I have ever read. I so enjoy reading it every day. Just returned from my adventures in British Columbia – will write more later. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us. Judy

    • Your comments are always the best of the best! Knowing you and others enjoy reading what I post keeps me writing, even when I was tired sometimes. It feels great to share my thoughts. It gave me purpose in travel. It also makes me feel connected. I have never felt alone. Thanks for letting me know that you enjoy reading my blog, Judy! Appreciate it very much. Now I will go back and write more. 🙂

  3. Sure, all your behaves are determined by your character. You totally changed your personality, not the one I know 20 years ago. I like this change

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