An adventure of my life time!


I have heard that mosquitoes are terrible in Alaska and I was prepared for it by bring several insect sprays, some for me and others for my clothes. Yet, it was ironic to get my very first mosquito bite right at the moment I took the picture of the “Welcome to Alaska” sign. It landed on the back of my right hand, as if it was saying “welcome to my land!”

I really didn’t expect to have any trouble with mosquito now since it has been relatively cold. Well, today it reached 75F! But it was still snowing in area just a week ago. Most of the lakes are still frozen. Can’t imagine how many mosquitoes will be here as the days getting warmer and warmer.

Well, welcome to Alaska, the land of wildlife including tons of mosquitoes!  🙂





(Lesser Yellowlegs)


(Common Goldeneye)



(This bird is very small. From far, it looks like a tiny black bird. However, look closely, it is quite colorful! Please let me know if you know the name of this cute bird – above two pictures.)

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Comments on: "44. Welcome to Alaska, a Mosquito Whispered in My Ear" (10)

  1. Alaska and North Carolina had similar high temps today. Did you carry the warmth up with you? I hope Mr. or Ms. Mosquito doesn’t come back for more. Have at it. You made it. Looking forward to more photos.

  2. Could it be a violet-green swallow?

    The swimming beaver shot is great!

  3. Hi Ching, I think your bird is a swallow.
    Regarding mosquitoes, here’s my experience from having lived in Alaska: the early mosquitoes are bigger and slower than the next generations. (So, be glad you won’t be there in August:) So glad you’re continuing to enjoy your adventure and take great photos.-Leslie

  4. You made it!!! I like the welcome sign—unlike the normal green road signs you see on highways—-its style fits the natural surroundings.

  5. Xiaoying said:

    Very nice animal photos.
    very glad you made it safely!
    How is your working and living condition there?

    • I would love to post more, but the Internet isn’t working here. I am using my cell phone to reply to you. The place is small, but mountains are nearby. It is beautiful. I will try to update the post, as soon as the Internet is working, in 2 weeks, as we were told.

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