An adventure of my life time!


(Note: let me say first that this blog was meant to uploaded almost a week ago. However, there was no internet service so I couldn’t add it until now. This will also happen again in the next 3.5 months)

“Winding in and winding out

Fills my mind with serious doubt

As to whether the lout

Who built this route

Was going to hell or coming out”

I didn’t write this. It is from a magnate I bought, but it sure sums up well what I want to say about Alaska Highway!

Actually, what I want to say is although I don’t know exactly who build the highway, I am so grateful to the people who worked hard to construct this road. Without it, an ordinary person like me wouldn’t be able to see, to witness, to experience the extraordinary places!

Well, I am done driving — not just the Alaska Highway, I finally arrived to my destination today (5/27/2013) – right outside of Denali National Park.

Five weeks, total 9010 miles (I can’t believe I have almost doubled my mileage by doing all the side trips), two countries, a dozen states/provinces, lots of spectacular places, tons of wildlife, many kind people – this trip is truly a wonderful experience to me and surely the experience will last for a life time!

Now that I am here at my destination, the journey continues on – I will be here working the whole summer! Imagine how many pictures I will take here around Denali National Park. J And, after the summer is gone, I will have to drive all the way back to North Carolina, again. I am planning to take a different route – getting the ferry system so that it will cut down some of the driving. I really don’t want to drive that much anymore!

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Comments on: "45. I Survived Alaska Highway, but the Journey Goes on" (4)

  1. I’m glad to see that you can post your blog again!

  2. Congrats, Ching! I’ve enjoyed reading all of your posts and look forward to hearing more about your summer.

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