An adventure of my life time!


I got the first day off (half day) for my summer job so I didn’t waste any time and went hiking (5/31/2013).

I heard thunders when I left. Well, if it started to rain hard, then I was just going to take a drive. I have been here for five days. It is good just to take a short drive.

It drizzled when I reached the trail head near Denali National Park Visitor Center. If you know me, you know I probably would take a hike; even I planned just to take a ride if it rained. It was just too hard to resist the temptation.

Luckily, it only rained lightly. The trail is about 5 miles total. It combined a couple of different short trails such as Rock Creek, Roadside and Meadow View. Although I wasn’t able to take too many pictures due to the rain, the scenery is still beautiful. The trails took me through forest full of aspen, birch and spruce, with views of mountains and meadows.

I will certainly come back when the weather is better so I can take some pictures. Also, pretty soon, the wildflowers will start to bloom. I would love to take some pictures with fields of wildflowers!

So, the hike in the rain is short and sweet, a good start. Can’t wait to hike all the trails, during diverse weathers and different seasons (I only meant beginning, middle and end of summer)!


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Comments on: "47. Hiking in the Rain" (2)

  1. Virginia said:

    Beautiful pictures…My husband (he is a photographer) and I will be traveling to AK in 2 weeks. We will be in Denali for a few days. Can’t wait to hear more about your hiking.

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