An adventure of my life time!


I knew there are perks working for a travel company, but I didn’t know that we get to go on tours that are operated by other local tour companies as well! One of our “neighboring” tour companies is “Denali Air” which offers flights that will take passengers over the Alaska Range, glaciers and Mt McKinley, right through the heart of Denali National Park!

As someone who took flying lessons and actually obtained a private pilot license, I was elated to hear that I could go on such a flight. It is for free, to us! So I waited no time, even though the weather wasn’t the best, I got in touch with them and went on a flight yesterday afternoon (6/3/2013)!

Needless to say, the scenery is breathtaking! It was cloudy, especially near Mt McKinley. We have only seen a little bit the top and then it was covered by the clouds. However, that didn’t bother me the slightest. It is spectacular, no matter where you look! Seeing mountains, seemingly within our touch, is unbelievable and certainly memorable. I didn’t stop taking the pictures, even with the knowledge that it is highly possible that they may all turn out useless because of the window. It was just too hard to pass such opportunity of shooting pictures of amazing scenery. Luckily, some of them turned out to be presentable.

So what else can we ask for, besides seeing the breathtakingly beautiful scenery from up above without spending a lot of money (regular flight is $375)? Well, we could ask for more! Yes, after the flight, we (another co-worker and I) met the owner of the company. He actually offered us to come back again on a better day! How incredible was that! I am so overjoyed, both with the experience and the opportunity to do it again.

The only “bad” part, if I have to name one, is I noticed that I forgot most about my flying lessons! It was about 9 years ago. Yet, it is such a shame that I can so little of what we should do. How wonderful it would be if I could still be able to fly, on my own!










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Comments on: "48. Seeing Mt McKinley in the Air, for Free!" (8)

  1. You ARE flying on your own, little one. Just someone else is handling the plane. I’m so happy for you to be so blessed and so free. My spirit soars with you.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I’m jealous that you can fly not only once but may be twice 🙂

    I’m also surprised that you forgot how to fly. I thought it is like driving a car or swimming—-a skill that would not be forgotten once acquired.

  3. I used to fly as well. Who are you working for?

  4. I only learned for a year, just for fun 🙂

  5. Xiaoying said:

    I am so jealous of you, you can fly for free. Can you do it again in a clear day?
    How is the food there?

    • Yes, I will try to do it on a clear day (if space is available). This is truly very much fun. 🙂 Food is good, too. But job is a little stressful and frustrating. I hope it will get better soon!

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