An adventure of my life time!


I don’t want to make anyone jealous, but I don’t have a way around it. 🙂 I have got two flights, in one day, both for free, and much more!

Yesterday is my first day off. I got a chance to take a tour going all the way deep inside of the Denali National Park. If you know anything about Denali NP, you know, as a visitor, we are only allowed to drive the first 15 miles. To pass mile 15, you have to take either the shuttle bus running by the National Park, or Denali Backcountry Adventure Tour. The former will take you to Wonder Lake at mile 86 and the later will take you all the way in!

Well, you guess it right – I was able to go all the way in. Along the way (about 4-5 hours), we saw almost every type of animals there are to see: bear, moose, caribou, sheep, eagle… Once I was there, at the end of the park road which seems to be the end of the world, I hiked a few hours all by myself in seemingly “no man’s land”! After a night stay at a rusty caverns tent, I got a chance to take a one hour “Grand Ascent” scenic flight with Kantishna Air Taxi. And incredibly, I was able to get on yet another flight back to the park entrance!

This turned out to be one of my most exciting and memorable weekends! I am sorry I didn’t write it in detail – too much to do and too little time. All I am going to show you today is the pictures I took from the flights (Mt McKinley, glacier, glacier lake, tundra … and rainbow). I will post the other pictures later when I have time. 🙂

PS. Although it is not cheap to take a flight ($250-$400), this is the best way to see the park!

















Comments on: "49. Two Spectacular Flights, in One Day!" (11)

  1. stuart parker said:

    Hi Qing: I rode Talkeetna Air Taxi to Ruth Glacier snowfield in July 2009.
    Looks similar – amazing !

  2. I am jealous. Fantastic

  3. kevin Q said:

    You are something else !

  4. Xiaoying said:

    You did it again!
    Fantastic picture!

  5. Bertie Boston said:

    How wonderful for you Ching! You are truly having some awesome adventures and your photos are simply spectacular!!

  6. Ching, I’m looking at your AK photos & reading so that I know more of what to do & expect in AK when I go in June. Thx👍🏼

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