An adventure of my life time!


Prickly Rose

I have been taking picture of wildflowers ever since I got here, but there were not as many until recently, especially today when I hiked the Triple Lakes trail. It is a 9.3 miles trail going through boreal forest and three small lakes. Along the way, there are so many wildflowers, from red, pink, purple, to yellow and white.

As I wrote on Mother’s Day, I have never seen a flower without thinking of my mom. She would love to see the flowers I have seen today! I wish so much that I could share them with her.

Before my mom passed away, I had so much fun taking picture of flowers. I knew my mom would enjoy seeing them. I knew she would appreciate the beauty. I had a purpose when I took the pictures. I knew they would make my mom happy.

I still take pictures of flowers since they are too pretty to ignore. However, I found myself lost the purpose – I don’t know anyone would love seeing the pictures as much as my mom; I don’t know anyone would truly enjoy the beauty I brought home; I don’t have a particular person in mind to share! Hopefully, by posting them here in my blog, some of you will enjoy the beauty and the spirit of the wildflowers I took here.



Lapland Rosebay








Arctic Willow



Alaska Cotton Grass




Prickly Rose



Canadian Dogwood




Jacobs Ladder


Pale Corydalis

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Comments on: "53. Wildflowers in Denali" (6)

  1. Hi Qing,

    I enjoy these flower pictures very much—-although I could not identify the species like mom used to do, I marvel at their sheer beauty. Wonder what impact the extended hours of daylight or darkness in that region has on the plants there. Are the flora look dramatically different from that in NC? BTW, is the flower that looks like a fuzzy ball really a flower or a fruit?

    It’s interesting that this year I started to get really interested in gardening. Instead of dying out like previous years, my plants are doing very well now. Every time I looked at them, I kept on wondering if mom can see this from above…

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. Ching, I don’t know if I enjoyed them as much as your mother would have, but as a plant biologist, I enjoyed them very much. thanks for posting them.

    It sounds like you are really enjoying your summer in Alaska. I’m so glad! I’m having an exciting summer, too. I just got engaged. 🙂 I hope you are back in time for the wedding!

    • Thanks Tracey! I am glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures. 🙂
      Partly I am having a wonderful time here in Alaska; the scenery is breathtaking. On the other hand, I am so tired for lack of sleep – the employee housing is so noisy! I am sorry to say I am too old for this! 😦

  3. Jane Stiles said:

    Ching, I for one think your wildflower pictures are just wonderful. The colors are gorgeous. You have captured their fleeting beauty. Many years ago on a trip to Colorado and Utah I also made a point of getting many photos of the June wildflowers which facinated me. You have seen so much beauty during your trip.
    Try earplugs and even heavy duty ear protectors such as used for lawnmowing to get your sleep. You will most likely aclimate to the noise level.

    • Thanks Jane. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures! I love seeing flowers in the wilderness. They are certainly very pretty!
      I did use earplugs! I could still hear them. Partly I understand: they are young and just want to have fun. But it is certainly very inconsiderate of others. 😦

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