An adventure of my life time!


This actually happened a couple of weeks ago. I took so many pictures that it was hard to pick and choose what to post so I delayed and delayed until today. It is my day off but it is raining so I have no excuse to put this off any more.

When I took the first sightseeing flight, I was sure there is nothing to beat that (Post #48). Then just a few days later, I took two other flights seeing, in a day, which was even better (Post #49). Again, I was certainly that nothing will be better than that!

Well, landed on glacier is better that just the flight! Not only I got to see everything I saw on the other flights, we landed on a glacier, 9 miles away from Mt McKinley! The experience was simply amazing. Standing on the glacier surrounded by mountains peaks is incredibly serene. I loved and will treasure this experience. Surely, as I thought before, nothing will beat this. But of course, I can be wrong as I was before. And if it happens to be I am wrong on this subject, I won’t be upset, for sure. 🙂










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Comments on: "55. Landed on a Glacier" (12)

  1. Ann Sparrow said:

    Wow!!! Really enjoying your pictures and commentary.


    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Enjoying this with you!

  3. Stuart Parker said:

    Was that Ruth Glacier ? Was there a tiny cabin (and nearby outhouse) visible on a nearby ridge ?

  4. Xiaoying said:

    the 3rd photo, is that taken on flight or after landing on glacier?
    Is there pond (or small lake) on glacier?
    What a wonderful view!

  5. stuart parker said:

    It’s called a moulin. There is usually a water-filled shaft that connects to the base of the glacier or to internal ice fractures, which enlarge to form tunnels. Sometimes, when the flow becomes less restricted, a moulin may recede or empty itself in days, or even hours. The blue color is from the old, exposed ice of the glacier (which is why the water remains translucent). The meltwater helps lubricate the base of the glacier, which flows like a ribbon/conveyer belt.

    Jessica, Ajith, Wendy, Michael, Amy, Christina, Rob and I rode Talkeetna Air Taxi and landed on the icefield of Ruth Glacier in July 2009, before Jessica’s wedding. It was when Sarah Palin had just announced her resignation as AK governor, and we read about it in a local paper – IN Wasilla – on our way to the flight !

  6. Pam Smith said:

    Hi, Qing, I am the lady that spoke to you on the way to Denali Air and was in the other plane on the day that we landed on Ruth Glacier. I am so happy to finally find your blog. Please keep posting all the beautiful pictures, makes me wish I was back in Alaska!

    • I am so happy you found my blog, Pam! It was so great meeting you on such a wonderful day! You know we are very lucky. The weather isn’t so nice lately. That is why I haven’t post much since I don’t have good pictures to share. Well, wait for a while. Hopefully I will have more pictures to share soon. 🙂

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