An adventure of my life time!


Since Post #50, I have seen more wildlife, mainly from my trip to Kantishna. During one day (more than 90 miles one way from Denali National Park entrance to the end of the park road), we were very fortunate to see a Red Fox, a couple of Moose, several Caribou, 11 Grizzly Bears, some Dole Sheep, a number of Ptarmigan families and countless Ground Squirrel!

If you love animals, make sure to take one of those tours to go deep into the park when you visit Denali. Although I have seen wildlife around the entrance area of the park, I have seen so much more all 3 times I took the tour.


(A fat Hoary Marmot)


(Such a cute Ground Squirrel!)


(Yummy! Was this squirrel eating a cookie? )


(A happy family of Moose)


(A Caribou just came out from hiding from the bushes)


(A Red Fox who disappeared so fast)


(A Curious Doll Sheep)


(A beautiful Ptarmigan)



(This cute Grizzly Bear cub was rolling on his back. It seemed he was having so much fun.)

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Comments on: "61. Wildlife Viewing in Denali" (4)

  1. Love these pictures! These animals are soooo cute. They are the lucky ones who are free and a part of the majestic wilderness, compared with those comfined in tiny cages and destined for supermarket.

  2. Alison Zhang said:

    I loved your pictures of the little grizzly bear rolling around; so cute! 😉

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