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63. Being the Lucky 20%


Statistically, only 20% of the people visiting Denali National Park are lucky enough to see Mt McKinley. Most of the time, 80% to be precise, the mountain is covered by clouds.

Personally, I think the chance might be even lower. At least I felt it this way. Even though I have been in the Denali area for a couple of months by now and we had a pretty good whether most of the time, I have only seen it a handful of times. Of course, I have been stuck in the office 5 days a week. And unfortunately, I have also spent several of the precious weekends lying in bed, feeling sick.

Needless to say, it felt so special and very lucky whenever I had a chance to witness the majestic mountain (20320 feet, the highest peak in North America) covered by permanent snow. The flowering pictures are taken from different directions of the mountain.








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Comments on: "63. Being the Lucky 20%" (5)

  1. Alison Zhang said:

    You are so lucky to see Mt McKinley! :O

  2. xiaoying said:

    The first photo is really great!

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