An adventure of my life time!


I just said goodbye to Mt McKinley. However, on my way to Girdwood, I saw it again, prettier than ever.

It didn’t start as a very nice day. There were too many clouds in the sky so I didn’t think I would see Mt McKinley. Yet I still decided to hike in Denali State Park. From the picture I have seen before, the view is pretty good. Worse to worse, I would just hike 5.3 miles around a lake (Byers Lake) without seeing much.

The trail is easy, but not so comfortable. At places, it was overgrown and since it was early in the morning, there were spider webs and mosquitoes along the trail. I walked quickly, not truly enjoy the walk so much.

Then, it all changed. The sky cleared up just as I reached the other side of the lake. From there, not only Mt McKinley was clearly visible, but also it was so gorgeous with the reflection in the lake! I wowed and marveled in silence. All the discomfort disappeared or at least seemed so insignificant compared to what I was getting. Without wasting any time, I took tons of pictures. It was so fortunate to be there, at the place and at the right time. With the clouds we had a couple of hours ago, I wouldn’t be able to witness such beauty.

For most people who only have several days to visit Denali area wouldn’t come to Denali State Park. I wouldn’t if I didn’t stay so long in the area. A National Park is better than a State Park. Right? Well, certainly Denali State Park is an exception. Honestly speaking, the view from Denali State Park is as pretty as that of from Denali National Park, if it is not better. In Denali National Park, in my opinion, if you don’t take any flight or paid bus tour to go deep inside the park, the view actually isn’t that impressive. Here, in the state park, with only hiking a little over 5 miles, you will be able to see the breathtakingly beautiful scenery. So, don’t just hurry to the National Park. Take a walk around Byers Lake and you will be rewarded with dazzling sight.

This also reminded me why I love hiking so much. Frankly speaking, I don’t enjoy sweating too much; I don’t like running into spider webs; I hate being mosquitoes’ “favorite”; I am afraid of snakes and I do fear other dangerous animals such as bear. Yet, I keep on hiking for over 10 years by now. This is why: hiking helps me and enables me to see beautiful scenery which I might not be able to see without taking the time and effort to hike to it.







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Comments on: "Fortunate to see Mt McKinley, Again!" (4)

  1. Wow, I really like the view and picture

  2. xiaoying said:

    We also stopped at Denali State park and took some photos, but not as good as the ones you took. These are really pretty with the lake reflection.

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