An adventure of my life time!

68. Endless Rain!


It has been more than a week since I arrived to Girdwood. Even though I am surrounded by beautiful mountains with glaciers, I haven’t been able to take any good picture. You see, it has been raining all most the whole time! According to weather forecast, it is going to rain at least for another week!

I got up in the morning, bored to death by the rain, and decided to hike up the mountain, no matter what the weather was. The trail is about 2.5 miles with elevation gain of more than 2000 feet. It is certainly a workout, even in a good day. The rain made the hike that much harder. When I reach the top, I was wet inside and out, from my sweat and from the rain. A cup of warm “Alaskan Seafood Chowder” tasted so great (There is a restaurant on top of the mountain). 🙂

Needless to say, I wasn’t able to see much or take any good picture. I heard that you can see 7 glaciers from the top of the mountain. I had a quick glimpse of probably 3 or 4 of them in the clouds. Hopefully, when the weather gets better, I will try to climb up again.




(I have seen blue snow on a glacier. But I haven’t seen and I don’t know why the snow here is “red”)


(This little bird looked so pitiful standing in the rain)


(The picture was taking from the town)


Comments on: "68. Endless Rain!" (1)

  1. I’m curious about the red snow, too. If you do find out why, let us know.

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