An adventure of my life time!

69. Under the Red Umbrella


She walked,

Under a scarlet umbrella,

On the muddy trail,

Through the misty forest.

The thick clouds blocked her view of the surrounding glacial mountain peaks,

But she could still see the lush green leaves,

The blooming wildflowers,

The cheerful wild berries,

And colorful mushrooms only found in fairy land.

Along the way,

She picked the juicy Raspberries,

And the sour Blue Berries.

The forest was so quiet:

At times,

She could only here the sound of rain drops on her umbrella.

But from time to time,

A bird chirped,

And a squirrel squeaked.

Then she heard the sound of running water,

Starting like a soft trickle,

Then becoming a loud howl.

The light green water from the glacier streamed through the dense woods,

Forming the rushing creek,

At one place,

The clear water jumped over the black rocks in the middle of the gorge,

And then dropped down to form the thundering waterfall.

In this raining and foggy forest,

She found magic,

And a sweet smile,

Formed under the bright red umbrella.

Note: I have never written a poem before and don’t even know this is qualified as a poem. It just came to me while I hiked in the rainy forest.




(Salmon Berry)


(Salmon Berry)


(Watermelon berry)


(Blue Berry)


(Mixed berries)

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Comments on: "69. Under the Red Umbrella" (8)

  1. Not only does it qualify – it is beautiful. Thanks, for sharing!

    • Thanks Judy to confirm my writing as a poem. 🙂 Like I said, I didn’t really know anything about poem. Strangely, it really just came to me as I hiked in the woods with vibrant color, different sounds and tastes.

  2. HI Ching, I love your poem. You speak from the heart, inspired by all that is around you; you are a lucky woman! I enjoy your blog so much; keep writing! Thanks-Leslie

  3. I think as long as it can be read smoothly (朗朗上口), it is poem!
    hope the weather be cleared up.

  4. Alison Zhang said:

    I loved your poem! 🙂

    And those berries looked so delicious!

    • Thanks Alison! Perhaps you can tell me what the rules are in writing an English poem.
      The berries look better than they taste. Still, I had a lot of fun picking them and eating them. 🙂

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