An adventure of my life time!


My general “rule of thumb” when I travel is not to take any tour. Most tours are very expensive. And there are already too many places for me to see, just by driving and hiking. Yet, I broke my rule a few days ago – I took a Cruise to Kenai Fjords national Park. One good sales representative “sold” me the idea. When I told him I was going to take a ferry for part of my trip going back to lower 48, he said “even though you could see things on a ferry, but it is hard to take any picture since a ferry wouldn’t stop like a tour cruise would”.

It seemed he really made some sense. I did want to see some Marine animals and to take pictures of them. Of course, getting close to a glacier to watch the snow crumbling was also very attractive. So, I took the tour – seeing Kenai Fjords National Park and wild Marine life.

It turned that he was right, partially. I did see plenty of wild Marine life. However, with the boat moving and rolling, even when it stopped, it was still very hard to take any good picture of the animals. I love seeing Puffins in person, though. They are very colorful and cute. Sea Otters are adorable. They floated on their back, seemingly so relaxed. When they saw us, they turned their head. Such curious looks on their faces! It was precious.

Oh, the scenery is no doubt wonderful. However, after seeing so many spectacular sights, I can’t say it is any more attractive than other places, except for one thing. Watching house-sized masses of ice crashing into the sea from the tidewater glacier, in person, was thrilling. The sound was even more impressive. It was like thunder roaring. Well, that wasn’t something one can experience every day.

So, overall, even though it is an expensive tour ($180 total for 8.5hr cruise including lunch and dinner), the sales person was right. It is worth going. I just wish I had better pictures.


(Puffin, my favorite bird)

DSC08737(Sea Otter))_调整大小

(A curious Sea Otter)

DSC08793(Sea Lion)_调整大小

(A group of Sea Lions)


(Lazy Seals)



DSC08549(Hampback Whale)_调整大小

(Glimpse of a Whale)


(A Jellyfish?)







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Comments on: "78. Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise" (4)

  1. Stuart Parker said:

    You ID’d all of the animal photos correctly.

    We did that cruise (half-day) when Jessica Eaton got married in July 2009. In addition to the animals you mentioned, we also saw Stellars Dolphins (swimming alongside the boat !), and a mountain goat, on a high cliff above the bay.
    Totally agree about the boat pitching and rolling, when trying to take zoom photos ! 🙂

  2. We took the similar cruise! The one we took is from 8:30am-5:00pm, no dinner.
    We saw a lot whale and dolphin. But we only saw small ice (maybe about 1-1.5 meter in size) crashing into the sea from the tidewater glacier. We got free Halibut head from people just got off their fishing trip and we had delicious “鱼头汤”.

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