An adventure of my life time!

82. On my Way to Valdez


I heard about Valdez from a coworker a couple of month ago. “The way to Valdez is gorgeous. You can see several glaciers.” he said.

He is absolutely right. The scenery on the way to Valdez is gorgeous. Tall jugged mountains, waterfalls of all shapes and sizes rushing down the mountain side, cute alpine lakes, meadows filled with colorful vegetations, and glaciers, one of which you can reach and step on! What more can I ask for? Well, better weather. 🙂

Yes, originally I actually reserved 3 days in Valdez. However, as the day got closer and the weather kept on wetter, I had to change my plan. In fact, the day before I visited Valdez, there was a flood warning in the area.

Even when I reached Valdez, workers were still working on the flooded road. “It is not going to get worse, is it?” I asked the man flagged us down. “I have to leave Valdez again later on.” Imagine getting stuck there when I have to keep on my reserved plan! Luckily, even though it was rainy and fogy most of the day, there wasn’t any down pours as days ago. I am thankful I didn’t get stuck there. However, other than the few pictures I took along the way, I can’t share with you any image of Valdez. The fog was so thick at the time, I probably know as much as you know about the area. 🙂

Oh, I did see bears, several of them, in Valdez. They were hunting for Salmons! I wasn’t too concerned about them this time – they were preoccupied by countless Salmons and better yet, my car was right by my side. 🙂












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Comments on: "82. On my Way to Valdez" (4)

  1. Amazing photos, Ching, even a bear. It’s always good to hear you are safe. And now away from the Bates Motel.

  2. The bear looks very close to you.
    You did not took any photo of bear catching Salmon?

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