An adventure of my life time!


Chikoot Lake State Recreation Site is only ten miles northeast of Haines. The park is at the south end of Chilkoot Lake, near the outlet of the lake to the Chilkoot River. It is one of the best places for salmon fishing in Southeast Alaska. Additionally, there are also a lot of Seagulls, Seals, Bears and Bald Eagles. In several days, I have seen a couple of dozens of Eagles; the number is higher than the sum of Eagles I have ever seen in my life. Here are just a few pictures to share with you.

Oh, one “trick” I found to spot Eagle is to look for a white dot against the background of green trees. Not 100% successful, but still pretty effective. 🙂







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Comments on: "85. A Good Place for Viewing Bald Eagles" (2)

  1. My mouth is still wide open in awe! Astounding photos! and how inspiring it must have been to see them so close.

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