An adventure of my life time!

87. Poor Little Bear!


I saw it again – a bear!

I was walking along the Harbor in Haines. As I was taking a picture of the beach, I saw a bear walked into the viewfinder of my camera! Immediately, I turned. But, to my credit, this time, I didn’t run (read post #76). Instead, I walked calmly (at least it looked as if I was very cool from outside) but briskly away.

When I reached a safe place (outside of a small restaurant), I turned around to check the bear again. It was then I realized it was just a little baby bear. It seemed funny that I walked away so quickly from such a cute little thing. It looked just like a lovely stuffed teddy bear.

Of course, when you see a baby bear, you need to worry about a mother bear. As far as I could see, the baby bear was alone. “Where is his mother?”

According to someone at the restaurant, a couple of days ago, a mother bear was killed by a car (must be a truck!). This baby bear must be the orphan. Right away I felt sorry for the little bear. Without his mother’s protection, will he survive on his own? Winter is coming, does he know how to prepare and stay alive during the cold season? Well, I will never find out the answer, won’t I?


(Eating a fish)


(He looked so lost)







(He finally went to sleep)

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Comments on: "87. Poor Little Bear!" (4)

  1. Alison Zhang said:

    So cute! 😉

  2. Xiaoying Yin said:

    It seems the little bear’s fur is shredding.

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