An adventure of my life time!


If you think it is lucky to see a baby bear, you will be “jealous” of me – I saw a mother bear and a baby bear, together, just the next day!

It is again in Chikoot Lake State Recreation Site (near Haines) where I saw a number of Bald Eagles (post #85). There were a number of people including a park ranger so I wasn’t afraid at all. We followed the bears along the river, watching them walking, swimming, playing, fishing, eating and crossing the road.

At one time, a man walked from a different direction, unaware of the bears. Everyone in our group waved and signaled him about the danger. The funny thing is, before he noticed the bear, the mother bear saw him first. She seemed startled and, to my surprise, she turned immediately away from the man, as if she was afraid of him! With all the impression of how dangerous and crude a Grizzly Bear is, it was very intriguing to see her reaction.

It is such a privilege and a treat to witness the dangerous “mystic” creatures, a mother bear with her baby, in their natural habitat. I feel very lucky!












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Comments on: "88. Seeing a Mother Bear and a Baby Bear, Together!" (6)

  1. These are the Bestest bear pics I have ever seen!!! So glad it was you who had the opportunity to take them.

  2. Xiaoying Yin said:

    How long did you guys followed the bear? Do you take video?
    How nice that you can view their natural activity in such close distance!

  3. If my eyes function properly, I think I see one of the bear (the mother) wearing a collar. Just curious if they are part of some kind of wildlife research…

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