An adventure of my life time!


I bet Juneau is the one of the prettiest State Capitals. Ok, I don’t mean the downtown area. In fact, the downtown is very small, old and crowded. What I meant is the natural beauty in the area.

I arrived Juneau in the middle of the night by Ferry (Alaska Marine Highway; no picture to share since it was dark, but hopefully I will have pictures when I take Ferry again later on). I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the area is when I drove around the next day. The main highway is about 40 miles long. One side of the highway is the ocean with islands of different sizes; the other side is tall mountains with glaciers (I will post Mendenhall Glacier later).

I hiked several trails around the area. One trail, Perseverance Trail, gave me such a good impression. Just on the other side of the mountain from downtown Juneau, the area is so natural. It is hard to believe that a populated State Capital is just a few minutes’ drive.




(Moss in the rain forest)





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Comments on: "89. Natural Beauty around Juneau" (4)

  1. Please take the ferry to Sitka. It has such a unique culture and beautiful surroundings.

    • Too late! The ferry ticket was book quite awhile ago. Perhaps next time, although I doubt I will ever come back again. Of course it is not because it is not beautiful, but rather, I have seen so much this time. 🙂

      • Yeah, I’m jealous 🙂 I just went to Juneau (only one day) and did not see all of these beautiful scenery in your pictures.

  2. I have been in Juneau for three day, instead of just one day as you did. Actually, if the weather was better, I could share with you even more pretty places. Oh, well, we can do what we are allowed to do – time or weather controls a large part of our life. Check my next blog for Mendenhall Glacier.

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