An adventure of my life time!


Mendenhall Glacier is the main tourist attraction in Juneau. Every cruise offers tour to come to this site. Just a first glance, you will understand why it is such a popular place. The area is spectacular: rugged mountains, massive glacier, blue/green colored iceberg, crystal clear lake, waterfalls and rainforest.

I hiked every single trail around the Visitor Center (East Glacier), plus additional trail in the west of the Mendenhall Lake. Although the place is so popular, majority of the people only walk a short distance to take a few pictures. Most of the hiking trails are so quiet and secluded as if no one was there in the area. This is another good thing about hiking – it brings you peace and solitude.






(I hope you can see the eagles on top of the icebergs)





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Comments on: "90. Magnificent Mendenhall Glacier" (3)

  1. These pictures look familiar! In fact, I think you were sitting on the exact spot where we took our pictures when we were there. I’m also very glad to see some other unfamiliar scenery— as you said, I’m one of “the majority of the people only walk a short distance to take a few pictures.” 🙂 —you have been taking me to those places that I had no chance to visit.

    • One day, when you are retired, you can be one of the minority who hike the additional mile or two to get away from the majority of the people. 🙂 Hopefully by then, you will still be willing and able to take the walk. 🙂

      • I sure wish I would be able to walk when I’m retired :). I’m very glad that you can enjoy all these while you are able to. Smart choice!

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