An adventure of my life time!


Although I mentioned Prince Rupert, I can’t say or show anything about it to you. It was 5 in the morning when I arrived in Prince Rupert by Ferry. I can’t even say much about the route along the way, either. It was mostly rainy and foggy.

Actually, more importantly, the reason I have trouble talking much about the scenery in BC is, I believe, my heart was still in Alaska! The three and half months experience in Alaska is incredible. The scenery I have seen is breathtakingly beautiful. I am sure, even if I will have similar experience in the future; this summer in Alaska will certainly be one of the most cherishable memories of my life. I guess I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Alaska yet, even though I am already in British Columbia, Canada, which is another really amazing place.





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Comments on: "95. Scenery from Prince Rupert to Smither, BC" (4)

  1. Being able to travel in AK for over three months is indeed incredible! Anyone in your position would have a hard time leaving that place.

    • Not only it is extremely beautiful, but also this is probably the only time for me to be there. Alaska is really very far away! I would to be there more, if it were closer.

      • Don’t be sad. Most people can only visit a place once and only for a short period. I don’t think I will revisit most of the places I have been to because there are always other new places to go and I won’t have time for all :). Your beautiful pictures will help you relive those wonderful days if it turns out that you can’t go back. But again, you never know….

  2. I am not sad, not at all. Just love Alaska that much! Going back one day? Unlikely. There are still lots of places on the planet that I long to see. 🙂

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