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96. Spirit of the Forest


“People walking the curving paths of Ferry Island feel as if they are not alone. They glance around only to discover that they are being watched closely by wise, mocking, shifty and mysterious faces peering out at them from the trees.” – this is on a wooden board at the beginning of a trail in Ferry Island of Terrace, BC (Canada).

Those unique carvings were done by a local artist, Rick Goyette. At first, it was very hard to find anything on the trees. Luckily a lady was walking her dog there so I asked her. She pointed a couple of them to me. I realized that they are pretty small, as big as a hand. From the pictures I have seen, I was expecting something much bigger.

“Rick, the artist, has a special talent, even though he’s a handicap.” The lady commented.

I have to say that the carvings are not particularly beautiful. However, I was still inspired by the artist who didn’t allow his disability got in his way to share his special gift with others. His strong will to share reminded me of my mother who was also a handicapped, but very accomplished person.

I walked the trail, trying to find all 56 tree carvings. In the end, I found about 35 of them. Those distinctive carvings certainly made my hiking more interesting.











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Comments on: "96. Spirit of the Forest" (2)

  1. Bertie Boston said:

    I think they are absolutely wonderful carvings and Rick is very talented! Thanks so much for sharing.

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