An adventure of my life time!


The day started pretty good. The was shining, even thought it wasn’t too warm or bright (around 40F). I was just happy to have a day without rain. Twin Falls /Kathlyn Glacier Recreation Site isn’t too far from the small town, Smothers (British Columbia, Canada), but it is a world apart from “civilization”: in this isolated area, two glistening waterfalls cascading 550 feet down it’s rocky face. Five thousand feet above my head, I could even see the receding glacier on yellow, brownish rocks.

Inspired by the gorgeous scenery, I started exploring the areas surrounding Smithers. Crater Lake in Hudson Bay Mountain Ski Area was one of the places I was eager to visit. I imagined it as a deep blue lake similar to the Crater Lake in Oregon ( I loved the color of that heavenly blue!

The weather changed slightly when I arrived to the ski area. Although it wasn’t rain, the thick clouds moved in. With just a little concern, I started my hike. Half way through, it started to rain, lightly first. I debated whether to keep on going. No one was in the area. The clouds over the direction I was moving to was getting even darker. Equipped with an umbrella (which turned out to be useless in the strong alpine wind), and the great impression of Crater Lake National Park, I kept on going up, just after a brief hesitation. I was hoping, as fast as it turned bad, the weather could change to a more favorable way. In the opposite direction, the sky was slightly brighter and hint of sun beam was visible from time to time. I just wanted to see the lake, the dreamingly blue lake I have seen before and felt in love.

Well, after a couple of hours hiking up above the tree line, to my disappointment, I reached a small lake. The color of the lake was a world different from what I imagined. Most likely due to the gloomy weather, the lake was dark gray, nothing close to my imagination of heavenly blue. Worse yet, the rain turned to be snow just as I had a glance of the lake.

As usual, alpine weather is so unpredictable. Light snow combined with strong wind dropped the temperature 10 degree in a matter of seconds, at least as I felt. No way I was going to circle the lake as I originally planned. The weather was so bad that I couldn’t even take any picture. I imagined, though, that the lake might look prettier, giving a sunny day with blue sky. Its alpine setting was noteworthy: having dark colored mountain with bits of snow still scattered on the ground as its background. Too bad I wasn’t able to find out or to show you the prettier side of this Crater Lake. In fact, I don’t have any picture. However, it is still a special day and a place where I encountered the first snow of the season, and had sun, rain, snow all within a few hours.




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