An adventure of my life time!

101. Nairn Falls


Nairn Falls Provincial Park is only about 30 minutes north of Whistler. The trail to the fall isn’t long (about 1 mile one way), but the waterfall is very pretty, especially the color of the water. I love the green water!

“Why do you still like to see more waterfalls? You have seen so many already?” My dad asked before. “But they are all different!” I answered without even thinking. Yes, I have seen so many waterfalls in my life, yet, whenever possible, I would still love to see more. Each everyone of them is different. The most memorable part of Nairn Falls, to me, for example, is the color of the water near the falls. I love the green color. It is unique.

What I didn’t tell my dad was I have also got a soft spot for waterfall – once up a time I dated a guy who was truly passionate about waterfall. Obvious we are no longer together. Yet his passion for waterfall still motivates me to “chase for” more waterfalls. People, even those passing by transiently, sometimes have a big impact to our lives.





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Comments on: "101. Nairn Falls" (4)

  1. Indeed, the color is very pretty and soothing. Maybe the water is rich in copper or baruim…

    In the last picture, do you know why some of the pebbles are piled up?

    • Yes, the pebbles are piled up by people. It is very common to see people do that in this area (and some areas in western part of the US). They are called “Cairns”. Mostly they are used as markers, trail blazes. In this case, though, it is probably for decorative or artistic reasons. In other words, just for fun. 🙂

  2. Xiaoying Yin said:

    What a small water fall!
    The water is green, but not very clear. Do you know why?

    • It is certainly not very large, yet it is about 60 meters high. I guess it doesn’t look too tall in a picture. 🙂 I don’t know why the water is green, but as Jin said, it is probably rich in minerals. Guess what the name of the river passing by the fall is? Green River! 🙂

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