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I am not a “water” person – I love mountains or landscapes much more than oceans or seascapes. That is why I haven’t been to Vancouver Island until now, even though I have passed by Vancouver a couple of times before. To me, it is just an island surrounded by water and beaches. Of course, this is correct. However, to my surprise, it is more than just seascape. In the next several blogs, I will post different parks I went to on this Island. Hopefully, next time, if you are in the area, you will come to visit this lovely island, rather than waiting for years like I did.

Well, another reason I came here this time is because I was able to “exchange” my timeshare to Parksville on the island. Although I will never recommend buying a timeshare to anyone, but it should feel wonderful to stay at a resort after staying in cheap motels or hostels. This blog will post the pictures taken near the resort.

While I was taking pictures along the beach, I saw an old man with a bucket. Out of curiosity, I asked what he was picking. “Oyster” he said and showed it to me. Of course I have had oysters before, in the restaurants. However, I have never seen it, raw and alive. “Is it ok to eat it?” What a silly question I asked. But I needed to know for sure. “Of course! But you need a special tool to open it.”

One advantage of having a place with kitchen is I am able to cook, even just something simple. So, I picked a dozen of oysters, even without any special tool to open them. After all, how difficult it can be to open it, if seagulls can do it? Right? Well, I did manage to open them, with a knife and with determination to taste the oysters. But boy, it wasn’t easy at all! No wonder you need a special tool. But how do seagulls do it? Are their beaks stronger than a knife?

I still don’t know how seagulls do it, but the second day, I picked more (it is so much easier to find them in low tide) and boiled them first. Some of them opened up just after I boiled them. Yeah! Much easier. 🙂  The oysters are so… delicious! I love the concept of “living off the land”. Too bad I don’t know much about it other than picking up berries once in a while. 🙂 Now I can add “oyster hunting” to my list. 🙂








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