An adventure of my life time!


Paradise Meadows Trail is only one of the countless trails in the huge Strathcona Provincial Park.

Paradise Meadows indeed offered a glimpse of paradise to me. After many dark and rainy days, after driving a whole morning in fog and mist, I finally arrived to Paradise Meadows. To me surprise and delight, the sun came out! It was so warm and comforting. When I hiked the trail, the sound of the wind through the forest was so soft and soothing. The color of the trees and bushes were lit up in the sunlight. The birds were singing. Surrounded by such beauty, I couldn’t help but to feel being in the paradise!

At that point, I realized that the not-so-welcomed “rain” and “bad weather” is not just nuisance of our life. Rather, it makes us to appreciate the “sunny” days much better. Without being rained on for that many days, I probably wouldn’t appreciate the place as much. I thank the sun, and I appreciate the rain, to make me feel in the paradise for an afternoon.














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Comments on: "106. An Afternoon in Paradise" (6)

  1. Alison Zhang said:

    I love the deer picture! So cute!

  2. Xiaoying Yin said:

    The place looks so quiet.

  3. Some of these pictures look familiar! I went to Strathcona with a Sierra Club service trip a few years after my Alaskan adventure. It was the month of June, and we had to pitch our tents on top of the snow! By the way, seagulls crack open shellfish (post #104) by picking them up in their beaks, flying high in the sky, and then dropping them on rocks.

    • I am glad you went to Strathcona before. It is a very pretty place. I am going to post more pictures from there soon. Seagulls are smart! Too bad I can’t do the same. 🙂

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