An adventure of my life time!


Backed by the Vancouver Island Range and facing the open Pacific Ocean, Pacific Rim presents the rich natural and cultural heritage of Canada’s west coast.

To me, this is not one of those spectacular National Parks. However, I was still happy to be there, on a warm, sunny day! It felt great!

Oh, a little personal story: When I saw the sign to pay for the National Park fee, I actually felt great – I bought a National Park Pass in April on my way to Alaska. In the past few months, I have only used a couple of times, certainly not worth $80 I paid for. So, finally, I am able to use it again. After I visited the park, on my way back, all of sudden, I started laughing, loud, alone in my car. I just realized that this is in Canada! The National Park Pass I bought is for US National Parks! I guess, in the back of my mind, Canada and US is the same country. Only when I past the customs, I would remember that they are two different countries.

As a US citizen, I love America, not only the spectacular landscapes, but also the freedom it offers to us! As a nature lover, I wish that there were no boundaries as countries. Everyone, all the nature lovers, would be able to enjoy what this beautiful natural world offers to us all!







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