An adventure of my life time!


Tofino is literally located at the end of the road (Highway 4, see Post#107); except by boat there’s nowhere to go from here. Surrounded by water, it is a quaint little place. Here I will just post a few pictures of the natural settings around the town.

My personal “end of the road” story: after hiking a short trail to the beach through a dense forest, I returned to the parking lot flowered by a sign pointing to “parking lot”. It didn’t occur to me that there is more than one parking lot until I reached the parking lot. Well, you guess it right: it is not the one I parked my car! Half way returning to the beach, I ran into a young man with a dog. So I asked him about the parking lot. Seeing how confused I was, he said quickly. “There are two parking lots. You have to go all the way back to the beach and get on a different trail.” He added apologetically, as if he did something wrong. “The trail system is new.” Although the trails are not long at all, getting lost in the dense forest isn’t fun. I was very glad the friendly young man was there to lead me out of my “end of the road”. 🙂






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Comments on: "109. At End of the Road – Tofino" (4)

  1. Lovely pictures!

  2. Xiaoying Yin said:

    The title photo is really, really great! That can be a post card

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