An adventure of my life time!


As I promised, I am going to post more pictures taken from Starthcona. Here, the pictures were taken from Buttle Lake area.

To be honest, I have only reached a short stretch of the lake. My plan was to keep driving much father. But by this time, I was low on gas (no gas station around). I wasn’t so concerned about running out of gas. After all, I have got an extra container full of gas – it has been with me the whole time since I started my trip in North Carolina half a year ago.

Guess what? I had trouble pouring it out of the container! I tried a few minutes without success. Then two ladies walked by so I asked whether they happened to know how to use the container. “Yes, I do know how to use it!” I was very happy that she sounded very confident. Well, you guess it right – she couldn’t do it either!

So, I had to turn back earlier than I planned and missed some part of the lake.

Isn’t it funny? Even though I had never needed to use the gas, it gave me so much confidence, even driving in very remote areas. Now I know I had false sense of confidence! I could run into big trouble if I truly ran out of gas in a very remote area!












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Comments on: "113. Strathcona Provincial Park, Buttle Lake area" (2)

  1. Xiaoying Yin said:

    luck you!
    Those tree do not turned yellow? red?

    • A lot of trees here (or in British Columbia) are “ever-greens”. They do not turn to yellow or red in the fall. Colorful trees are relatively rare here.

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