An adventure of my life time!


As recommended by a gentleman at a Visitor Center, I drove from Parksville to Victoria partly on a “back country road”. The Pacific Marine Road from Lake Cowichan to Port Renfrew, and then continuous on West Coast to Victoria is very scenic.

I even “abandoned” my original plan of going back to the US (Port Angeles in Washington State) that evening. I figured, if I took the ferry in the evening, I wouldn’t be able to see much. More importantly, when I asked a lady at the Visitor Center in Sooke, a tiny little town, what else I could see in the late afternoon. “A lot!” she answered excitedly. So, I decided to stay on Vancouver Island one more night. She even helped me to find a Bed and Breakfast for the night.

When I talked to the owner on the phone, he said he won’t be back until really late at night. “The door is open. Just come in.” So, after hiking a little more, after sun was down, I went to the Bed and Breakfast.

It turned out to be a small “farm house” on a hill. The sound of goats actually startled me at first. Even though the sun was already gone, the sky was still bright and pink. I walked in the room by myself without seeing anyone. Outside the large window, the ocean was down the hill. Olympic Mountains on the other side of the bay were clearly visible. I sat in front of a small desk, watching the sky changing color as I wrote on my computer. Although I can’t say the scene is breathtaking, but it was so quiet and serene! I felt so peaceful, with the scenery and more importantly within myself.

I didn’t meet the owner until the next day. He is a middle aged man. It turned out that he is a very outdoorsy type of person. We talked more than an hour over our breakfast (there was no one else there that day) sharing our stories of nature and travel. I am always intrigued to listen and to learn other people’s outdoorsy stories.












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