An adventure of my life time!

115. Back to the US!


I am back to the US!

Although I was born and raised in China, as a citizen of US, I love this country! No doubt it is a beautiful country. As an outdoor lover, I truly enjoy the beauty of such spectacular scenery. But more importantly, I love this country because it gives us freedom – freedom to think, freedom to talk, freedom to go places, freedom to do the things you love, freedom to live the life you dream, and freedom to be who you want to be! It is a shame that not everyone growing up in this great country thinks this way. For those never experienced living in a different country where freedom isn’t given so readily, it is harder for them to appreciate the greatness of such ability. To me, this is what “American Dream” is all about – freedom.

I have to say that I am not political at all. I don’t usually write anything here except nature. However, I just felt so strongly that I had to say a few words. It is actually quite ironic that I learned the government was shut down when I reached Port Angeles, which meant I wasn’t going to visit the National Parks in Washington as I planned (I am far behind posting!). However, such small “in-convince” didn’t dim my spirit. I was determined to see, as much as possible, even without going into the National Parks.

So, the day after I arrived in Port Angeles, I changed my plan of going to Olympic National Park to drive along the coast to the west most point of Washington State, Neah Bay. As I said before, I am not a “water person”. However, I still had a great time driving, hiking and taking pictures along the coast. The rocky part of the coast is actually really pretty. Honestly, it took me by surprise.

So, a negative thing (closing of the NP) turned out to be a positive thing. I got to see a part of the country I wouldn’t normally go to visit. It “proved” to me again that it is a beautiful country!




(Seeing a whale from Flattery Rocks National Wildlife Refuge)






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