An adventure of my life time!

116. “Private Time”


Okay, I am talking about the private time of an eagle. 🙂

I have seen quite a few eagles in Alaska. Seeing eagle again here in lower 48 just reminded me of Alaska, the incredible spectacular land!

When I saw this eagle, it was just standing on a rock, looking out the ocean. Since I was hiding behind a tree, I wasn’t too far away from it. Holding the camera in my hand, ready to press at any given moment, I took a few pretty interesting pictures of this eagle. The one I like most is the moment he lifted his tail. I pressed right away, hoping and “praying” loudly in my head “let me get the picture”! Oh yes, I did! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I check the photos in my cameras – I caught his private moment! Do you think he will mind I post his private pictures? 🙂








PS. my photo website:


Comments on: "116. “Private Time”" (2)

  1. CarolinaJessamine said:

    Nice shot!

    You might (or might not) be interested in know that birds don’t actually pee…they do something that’s sort of, but not quite, a combination of peeing and pooping.

    I think this is a good description of how it works:

    The article even explains why what’s coming out of the eagle is all white.

    Two mysteries for me are:

    1) why do birds always ruffle their feathers when they do this
    2) why lizard droppings look a lot like bird droppings. Is it because of their likely common ancestors?

  2. Wow, great information. Thanks for sharing. I knew he was “pooping”, but “peeing” sounds a little better. 🙂

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