An adventure of my life time!


Quillayute Needles National Wildlife Refuge near La Push (Washington State) is such a unique place. For someone who doesn’t care about ocean that much, I have to say it took me by surprise, in a good way, of course.

I love the rocks in the water. The only bad part is I was there at the wrong time – the sun light shone in my face. I could only take a few pictures of those rocks in silhouette.

Also, I have never seen sea stars in the wild before. I was excited to find them on the rocks. They are colorful and beautiful!

And the sunset, it was gorgeous!














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Comments on: "117. Rocks, Sea Stars and Sunset" (8)

  1. Just checking in, Ching. Photos are beautiful always. Continue to drink in and capture the loveliness you have before you. xxxx steffi

  2. Hi Qing, It’s wonderful to continue getting your posts!! Your photos are just great, and I enjoy hearing of your travels and your responses to the world around you! THanks so much for the posts! -Leslie

  3. I have never seen sea stars in wild either, not even when I snorkeled. Even thought I have seen them in aquariums, the vibrant colors in these pictures still impressed me very much!
    I also like the last picture, with the sun seen through the two tree trunks. The black shade of the tree trunks constrasted very well with the bright sun and red-orange sky. Nice job!

    • I was quite excited to see the sea stars in the wild. It wasn’t so easy to find them, only in low tides on the rocks. There will be more sunset pictures coming, soon, when I got a chance to write and post them. 🙂

  4. Xiaoying Yin said:

    The title photo really looks like tree-root art.
    natural beauty is wonderful.

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