An adventure of my life time!

118. Quaint Lake Quinault


I didn’t even know Lake Quinault before I reached it.

I stayed in Forks, WA, the night before. My original plan was to go back to Quillayute Needles National Wildlife Refuge so that I could take better pictures in the right sun light. It is a very interesting area with all those fascinating rocks in the ocean (post #117). However, when I got up early in the morning (around 5:30am), I changed my mind. If I were going back to Quillayute, which meant I had to wait a couple of hours (it didn’t start to get bright until 7:30am here). So I decided to skip Quillayute, keep going south, without any clear goal in mind.

An hour later, before I reached Lake Quinault, I went to a Visitor Center, not evening knowing whether it was open so early in the morning. It is actually a combination of a café and an information center. A lade there told me that even the National Parks were shut down, some areas of Lake Quinault area which is part of the Olympic National Park, were open. She even gave me a hiking map.

So I started driving and hiking in this unplanned, unfamiliar area. Well, you probably guess it – I was pleasantly surprised. It is not a breathtakingly beautiful place, yet, it is attractive enough. There is a large lake with mountains in the distance. There are also a lot of waterfalls in the area, too many to post all of them.

One particular place really stood out – a bright red farm house stood in the sunlight amongst the colorful trees, with mountains as the background (the title picture). For some reason, I just loved the scene! It gave me warmth and peacefulness at the same time. If I could choose a dream place to live, I would choose such a setting! Just to find and to capture a glimpse of a place like that, it made this side trip worthwhile. 🙂













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