An adventure of my life time!

123. Secluded Silver Falls


According to Washington Trails Association, Silver Falls in Wenatchee National Forest is one of the prettiest cascades in the Cascades region. “A 140-foot silvery veil of refreshing mountain water draped over shiny granite slabs and lined with stately pines, this is one of the prettiest cascades in the Cascades.”

To me, the waterfall is pretty, but the solitude of the region is even more memorable. I guess it is really “in the middle of nowhere”.

When I reached the trail head in the late afternoon, there was no one in the area! I could see a glimpse of the waterfall through trees up the mountain, so, even without knowing anything about the trail, I started hiking up. The trail is really nice, along the creek with cascades falling down from places to places.

At one time, though, the trail turns away from the creek. I had no idea whether it goes to other part of the forest or it will eventually switch back. It was a little uneasy, without knowing anything about the trail, without anyone around the area to ask. But the sound of the water and the glimpse of the fall lured me. I kept on going further and up, although I did keep an eye on time. All I needed was time, time to ran down the mountain before sunset. Luckily, it is a loop trail (only about 2 miles) which switches up above the falls.

I felt very fortunate, not only I kept on going, but also truly experienced the solitude in such a pretty and secluded place. I think, somehow, the solitude intensifies our experiences. A “normal” trail or outing, if you do it all by yourself, without anyone in sight, it has very different feel and meaning.











Comments on: "123. Secluded Silver Falls" (2)

  1. Xiaoying Yin said:

    Beautifully falls!
    Where and Which park is this?

    • Silver Falls is in Wenatchee National Forest, not in any park. It is actually out of the way, “in the middle of no where”. Most people won’t go there.

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