An adventure of my life time!


When I visited North Cascades National Park years ago, I drove from the west side of the park. This time, I drove from the each side, along North Cascades Highway which isn’t part of the National Park.

Boy! I was surprised, pleasantly, of course, by the beauty along the highway. The mountain tops are so ragged and jagged, my favorite style. I am always, for reasons I don’t even know for sure, very excited whenever I see mountains like that. Is it because of their sheer power? I don’t know. All I know is I found them very attractive, so appearing, exceedingly beautiful!

This is another reason I didn’t spend too much time in North Cascades National Park (last post). When I passed the North Cascades Highway and noticed a few trails, I made up my mind to hike after I visited the National Park.

Indeed I hiked a couple of trails. It was already cold in the area; some parts of the trails were covered by snow. I had to be very careful. Certainly don’t want to slip and fall, especially when I am alone.

I stayed at a lookout (not far from the road) until the last strike of sunlight, watching the mountain peaks disappeared in the darkness. It is very hard to leave something so extraordinary behind.














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